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Locally grown seasonal flowers

Apart from the love of cake I have a major love of flowers, particularly when it comes to garden flowers. I'm definitely no expert but I just find that being in the garden and getting involved in it, (when I get the opportunity of course!) is a great way to de-stress.  I love the whole process from weeding, sowing seed, planting, then seeing them grow and hopefully develop into beautiful blooms. For some time I have wanted to grow more for cutting to enjoy in the home and to offer in the shop for customers to enjoy local seasonal flowers too.  Hence, the seasonal jars are the start of bringing the garden inside too.  My growing is developing, so when there are gaps or limited quantity, we look to our local flower farm rather than imports.  Supporting other local businesses is very important to us. The seasonal jars and wrapped posies can also be ordered via email (click below) or visit the Online Shop. Please allow min. 48hrs.

Spring in a jar or in a wrap, ready to place in a vase. Beautiful unusual varieties with amazing sce

Seasonal Jars

Available every weekend from Thursday morning.

£10 each

Flower stems will vary depending on what is flowering that week.

All wrapped and ready to brighten someon

Wrapped posies

Choose from £10, £15 & £20

Freshly cut to order.

Flowers will vary due to seasonal nature & what is in flower....

Its a nature thing.